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And if you don't know that already, you're probably making the common mistake of thinking in terms of false dichotomies and easy answers.How could it not be? It only relates to maybe the most important and complicated problem that humans have to address - how to organize our world in a way that maximizes human flourishing and cooperation and promotes our collective survival.


he beliefs that we hold inform our behavior and are closely linked with our various identities. Identities are not only personal attributes which we affiliate or associate with, they are also useful as concepts, in terms of being able to categorize and study social and psychological phenomena. The metaphor of interlinked and hierarchical identities or intersecting circles can be very…

False Dichotomy

Over the years we have spent a lot of time trying to point out our biases and to bring awareness to how our brains seem to work and our cognitive shortcomings. We are a very intelligent animal with impressive abilities to reason and problem solve. But we're far from perfect when it comes to being rational and properly evaluating complex…