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A common problem in everyday conversation is our tendency to misrepresent, misunderstand or infer too much about the position of our interlocutor. When this happens, trust breaks down, frustration ensues and the result can be conflict, wasted time and counterproductive. Sometimes, this is simply a function of an honest misunderstanding and a failure of one or more parties to communicate…

False Dichotomy

Over the years we have spent a lot of time trying to point out our biases and to bring awareness to how our brains seem to work and our cognitive shortcomings. We are a very intelligent animal with impressive abilities to reason and problem solve. But we're far from perfect when it comes to being rational and properly evaluating complex…


The world of politics has gotten so divisive that events like Orlando play out more like a sporting match or a round of farcical family feud. We need only a game show host voice over (let's call him John) and a well made animation or comedy skit to produce some entertaining political satire. It might go something like this: John:…


A discussion about the recent overuse of the word bullshit in science and skeptic journalism. Must we really have to just call everything "bullshit" this often now in journalism? Is there no more room to use sophisticated, varied and non-inflammatory language to make a point? Does it not also affect the credibility of an otherwise important message when resorting to fifty cent words? Or is this simply a clickbait, sensational and opportunistic journalistic approach?

Philosophy of science

Last night, SCTS was tagged in a post from a new age spiritual page. It's not clear why, but we ended up, unsurprisingly, disagreeing with the claims being made and had some interesting conversations.A subscriber on that page contacted me last night and asked me a few questions. I thought I would share our response. TLDR warning! Question: I really enjoyed the debate but you left me hanging without a response on several issues. The unanswered question I'm most curious about is: if everything must come from something, how does science explain initial creation? Maybe I'm wrong but you guys believe in the Big Bang right? Where did all of that energy come from in the beginning if there was no creator? I've never been able to ask an atheist this question. I'm honestly and sincerely curious of your response. Thanks! XXX

myths about alternative medicine

Why “Alternative” Medicine isn't medicine, misunderstood, cheap, or harmless. I know this is a polarized subject that makes most people uncomfortable. Apart from those who oppose “alternative” medicine, people either accept the validity of one or another practice, or feel that it is “bad manners” to “tell people how to live their lives”. It’s their money, their health, their choice; what moral and tolerant person would go about telling people they’re making bad choices? My answer is, the kind of person that actually cares about what’s good for people, both individually and collectively.

A novel hypothesis for self awareness

Self awareness is a function of our evolved conscious brain. But why the sensation of an "I" or a "self." Why are we not just a robot without an inner voice? Why do we have the impression of having a little homunculus sitting behind our eyes, with whom we can engage and even talk with?