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Public domain. Apple Tree.

Three friends are walking in the countryside. As they are approaching a big, beautiful apple tree, an apple suddenly falls from a branch to the grassy ground.


This picture is a good example for discussing subjectivity and objectivity. It is also a good opportunity to discuss philosophical relativism. If you were to see this object from the right side, you would claim it to be circular. If you were to see it from the left side, you would claim it to be a square.


We live at an amazing time. Information has never been so available and abundant. Modern technology affords virtually every human being the ability to access a global database of human knowledge and information with only a few keystrokes and a cheap internet connection. We have the instantaneous capability to query, parse and review all of recorded history, legal and political deliberations and records, public companies' financial information, education resources and technical scholarly material, including the most cutting edge ideas and data in science and technology.